Tire Rotate & Balance


Tires wear differently depending on their position on your Honda, your driving style, and the condition of your suspension. Rotating your Honda’s tires regularly is an essential part of tire maintenance. Replacement of a set of tires is the single greatest maintenance item you will likely experience with your vehicle. We want to help you get the most miles possible out of your current set of tires. Your spare tire is not included in the rotation, however, we recommend you check the air pressure in the spare tire on a regular basis.


Maintaining proper tire balance on your vehicle is critical to ensuring a smooth ride and even tire wear. Modern day Honda vehicles are made lighter than older vehicles, and as a result, the slightest imbalance can be felt. More responsive tires with lower profiles can also cause the slightest imbalances to be felt while driving. It’s important to realize that vibrations in the tires may be present whether or not you feel them while driving.

We offer tire balance and rotation because it is essential to your Honda’s maintenance; it will extend the life of your tires and ensure a safe driving experience.

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